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Virginia Creeper Trail bike rental at Whitetop VA..
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Creeper Trail Bike Rental - Shuttle

VA Creeper Trail bike rental, Whitetop VA.
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Rental Rates, Equipment, & Shuttle Service Information

Our normal operating hours are 8AM - 6PM, but we will open earlier and stay later as our reservations require. Hours are subject to change with seasons and weather (in the winter months) so be sure to ask if we forget to mention any change when you contact us to make your reservations. Walk-ins always welcome, but reservations are recommended.

Shuttle Service

•  Shuttle from Damascus Virginia will run approximately every 90 minutes on busy days, less often on slower days, with shuttles running from 9:00AM to 4:30PM.
•  Since most people prefer to ride the Whitetop to Damascus section of the Virginia Creeper Trail, we will run the shuttle to Abingdon VA only as it is necessary to retrieve our more ambitious clients.
•  We can provide pick up at local rental cabins, vacation homes, and campgrounds and also shuttle cross country skiers and hikers to area trails. These services by reservation only.


(All Major Credit Cards Accepted)

• Adult Bike Rental from Damascus w/ Shuttle  to Whitetop (17 miles) - $26.99
• Kids (Age 12 and Under) Bike Rental from Damascus w/ Shuttle  to Whitetop ----$24.99
• Adult Bike Rental from Whitetop to Damascus (17 miles) w/ Shuttle back to Whitetop - $26.99
•  Kids (Age 12 and Under) Bike Rental from Whitetop  to Damascus w/ Shuttle back to Whitetop - $24.99
• Adult Bike Rental w/shuttle from Abingdon to Whitetop (34 Miles) - $37.99
• Kids (Age 12 and Under) Bike Rental w/shuttle from Abingdon to Whitetop (34 Miles) - $27.99
•  We Have Bikes of All Sizes
• Half-Wheelers, Baby Buggys, and Old Fashioned Cruiser Bikes Available
• Helmets Furnished with Bike Rental
(As with everything in this world, Prices Subject to Change.) 
                        Special Group Rates Available
Rental by the hour also available for those just wanting to ride around the Town of Damascus.
VA Creeper Trail ride to Damascus Virginia.
Cabin rentals in Grayson County VA.
We offer quality Trek bikes and accessories.
Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider
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Shuttle Schedule

For up-to-date info on the Virginia Creeper Trail conditions, special events, & other announcements, visit our Creeper Trail Bike Rental blog.
Ride Times:
Ride times will vary with riding experience and how many times and for how long you want to stop and enjoy the towering trestle crossings, breathtaking waterfalls, and other magnificent scenery along the way. There are also stores and restaurants along the trail to get a snack or grab a quick bite, and there are restored train stations (open in Season) that will demand a stop for further exploration.

Generally allow a minimum of 1.5 hours for the Whitetop to Damascus ride. It is almost all downhill requiring a minimal amount of pedaling, but it is very easy to spend 3 - 4 hours if riding at a leisurely pace to better enjoy this wonderful excursion
When riding from Damascus to the Abingdon trail head, you should allow about 2.5 hours minimum. This part of the trail is beautiful as well, but it covers more rolling terrain with much more pedaling required.

If you are trying to schedule your time to incorporate other activities into your day, don't forget to allow 30 - 45 minutes for the loading of the bikes, shuttle travel time, and unloading the bikes at your departure point.
2014 Damascus Best Bike Outfitter Award.
2014 Business Hall of Fame Award.
Shuttle Services to Portions of the Virginia Creeper Trail are Authorized Under a Permit from the US Forest Service, George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.
Baby Buggy
"Bring Your Own Bike" Shuttle Only Fee
• Adults Damascus to Whitetop - $15.99 (17 Miles)
• Kids (Age 12 and Under) Damascus to Whitetop - $10.99
• Adults Abingdon to Whitetop - $25.00 (34 Miles)
Kids (Age 12 and Under) Abingdon to Whitetop - $25.00